Elliott Bay Book Company Offers Relief for Seahawk Fans

Many in Seattle face a serious dilemma November 5. With the Seahawks playing the Monday Night game, there may be nothing to do in this town of Seahawk fans this coming Sunday.

Enter Elliott Bay Book Company, the "other" Seattle institution. At 2 p.m. Sunday, Geoff Pullum, co-author of FAR FROM THE MADDING GERUND (AND OTHER DISPATCHES FROM LANGUAGE LOG) will appear to read, talk, and sign copies of the book. It’s simply the ideal diversion for the huge swell of linguistics/language/football aficionados and just plain thrill-seekers residing in the Seattle area.

I know what you’re thinking: Sure, Geoff’s bookstore appearances are legendary and, yes, I will certainly miss sitting glued in front of the Seahawks game on the tube, but why should I sacrifice the hour or so it’ll take to attend this event when there is huge promise of another glorious rain-soaked weekend in the forecast? Shouldn’t I be practicing my civic duty to get out there in my raincoat and galoshes and rake leaves?

For the record, I’m behind the effort to keep Seattle’s neighborhoods clear of unsightly debris--and if that’s your reasoning then by all means stay home with the gardening tools and make hay (or rather, clear hay, leaves, or whatnot). For the rest of you, there is the prospect of meeting and greeting not only the famous author, but also, as a special one-time only offer, the publishers who brought Language Log to print.

Need I say more? Fine, then: We’ll be handing out a limited supply of freebies. The true identity of these freebies cannot be disclosed in the confines of this blog post, save for one broad hint. Of course, the true football fan could never be lured to an event by the promise of a free gift. That would be so crass. Please forget I ever mentioned it.

I’ve long wanted to meet every Language Log/Seahawk fan in the Seattle area. How would Sunday work for you? EBBC? Say 2ish?

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