The William, James Cata-blogue: The 2007 Common Errors in English Usage Calendar

For end-of-year gift giving, the William, James cata-blogue begins with The Common Errors in English Usage 2007 Daily Boxed Calendar. It’s the only item we produce specifically to meet your end-of -year gift giving needs.

The 2007 calendar follows the success of the 2006 edition. For a little bloggy-good back story, producing a daily calendar from the book was discussed right from the very start. Working on the production of the book in 2003, we thought of making the calendar, but decided to wait for the book to come out and prove itself first.

The book is a big hit, and now the calendar joins the club The entries in the latest version include no repeats from the 2006 edition, plus a hundred new captions with vintage illustrations to accompany the text. Also new for 2007 are many examples from classic literature of the points discussed each day. As fun as the 2006 edition was, we think the 2007 edition is even moreso [COPY WRITER: “more so” should be two words. Groucho Marx was never meant to be consulted for usage--please check Brians’ book --Ed.].

The calendar is a lot of fun to make, and it’s just the ideal gift for the desk-bound word-and-usage lover on your gift list.

Order the calendar online through William, James & Company on our secure site. We offer volume discounts, and shipping is free and timely in the continental U.S.

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