Judy Daubenmier on Charlottesville Right Now

The public is hungry for a an explanation of why the mainstream news media is the the way it is, why so many important stories receive little coverage or biased coverage, and how it gets away with it. Judy offers a full-bodied context for this, plus the history of news media over the past decades, and a look at how new media is changing the landscape ahead.

Talk radio welcomes her again, this time in Virginia.

Charlottesville—Right Now
hosted by Coy Barefoot
March 15 - Thursday, 4:00p.m.
News Radio 1070 WINA

Coy Barefoot is a bestselling author, historian, and political analyst. He is the Director of Communications and Alumni Relations at the Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership at the University of Virginia, a non-partisan organization dedicated to ethics and bipartisanship cooperation in government.

Coy says he identifies with no political party in America today. He is neither a Democrat nor a Republican. He is not a Libertarian nor a Green. He proudly calls himself a Jeffersonian.

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