Allison Hantschel on After Downing Street

After Downing Street posted an exclusive interview with Allison Hantschel (Athenae of the blog First Draft) and reprinted her introductory essay to Special Plans, the blogs on Douglas Feith and the faulty intelligence that led us to war.

David Swanson: It seems as the years go by and we get sort of halfway investigations into some of these things that every time somebody peers under a rock, as with Patrick Fitzgerald recently and the Libby trial, you spot Dick Cheney under there giving the orders. Is your impression that Doug Feith was really pushing this stuff of the White House, or on the contrary that he was getting direction from Rumsfeld or Cheney, or who was really guiding this?

Read the rest at AfterDowningStreet.com or listen to the 30-minute interview.

You can also watch a video of Allison at Camp Democracy in September, 2006. This video is presented courtesy of After Downing Street, and is part of the Camp Democrary DVD.

About After Downing Street
After Downing Street is a nonpartisan coalition of over 200 veterans groups, peace groups, and political activist groups that has worked since May 2005 to pressure both Congress and the media to investigate whether President Bush has committed impeachable offenses in connection with the Iraq war. The coalition takes its name from the emergence in May and June of 2005 of several documents that quickly came to be known as the Downing Street Memos.

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