Double header: Tom and Allison on Journey Home radio

Santa Fe's alternative, afternoon drive time talk show The Journey Home Radio Show will feature two talents from our Informed Citizen Series this Wednesday, April 11th. Diego Mulligan will interview Tom Sumner (creator of the series and author of Untidy: the blogs on Rumsfeld) and then Allison Hantschel (Special Plans: the blogs on Douglas Feith and the Faulty Intelligence that Led to War).

Tom will discuss what's working in the world of political blogging and new media journalism. Allison will talk about her role in the blogosphere as Athenae of First Draft, and the Office of Special Plans story she helped break (the Pentagon just released its full investigative report last week).

Listen to the show stream live
on Santa Fe's public radio station KSFR starting 4:10 Mountain Time on April 11, or catch it on our radio page soonafter.

About Diego
Diego combines his sustainable development experience with a solid commercial broadcasting background to bring in-depth understanding and professional skill to Connections. Ten years in Santa Fe doesn't make Diego an expert on all our local issues, but you can expect him to ask the right questions and dig for some real answers. His somewhat irreverent humor will also add a welcome dash of levity to the intense gravity of today's problems.

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