Review magazine features Far from the Madding Gerund

The following sidebar appears in the Spring issue of Review magazine (University of California Santa Cruz quarterly magazine), published in mid-April.

High Profile Books from UCSC's Humanities Faculty

By Scott Rappaport -- Geoffrey Pullum, Far from the Madding Gerund, coauthored by UCSC linguistics professor Mark Liberman of the University of Pennsylvania, has garnered rave reviews from the New York Times, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune and National Public Radio. It features the best posts from the popular blog Language Log, begun in 2003 by Pullum, Liberman, and a team of other linguists across the country.

Elected as a member of the prestigious American Academy of Arts & Sciences in 2003, Pullum has published a dozen books and nearly 200 articles on the scientific study of language. He is coauthor of The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language (2002), the first definitive grammar reference book of standard international English in more than 20 years. One of his best-known books is The Great Eskimo Vocabulary Hoax, a highly entertaining collection of satirical essays about the field of linguistics. Pullum was chosen by his fellow faculty members to give the 40th annual UCSC Faculty Research Lecture in February.

Photo of Geoffrey Pullum from UCSC Web site

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