Judy Daubenmier, Ray McGovern at Vox Pop in Brooklyn

On Saturday, June 9th, Vox Pop will host CIA veteran Ray McGovern and news media veteran Judy Daubenmier (Project Rewire). Ray will take the mike at 7:00 p.m. and hand off to Judy for a reading and talk at 8:00. The event is expected to go 'til 10:00. It's co-hosted by GNN, Guerilla News Network.

Special guest chef for the evening is Joshua Carraha, presenting Sushi Night, starting around 5:00p.m. and going all night. Sushi is $9.50 a serving, and Josh's Sushi menu includes crab, chicken, and vegetarian options.

Vox Pop is a coffeehouse, a bookstore and a publishing house describing itself as a community-empowering, retail-revolution, live-event-loving, info-shop dedicated to "vox pop," Latin shorthand for "voice of the people." It frequently hosts author readings, political candidates and musicians in unique, high-energy literary events.

Vox Pop is technically on the border of Kensington and Flatbush.
Address is 1022 Cortelyou Rd., Brooklyn, NY 11218

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