Deborah DeWit Marchant at Beach Books in Seaside

Deborah DeWit Marchant will be the featured author during first Saturday Art Walk at Beach Books in Seaside, Oregon on Saturday, October 6 at 7:00 p.m.

Since In the Presence of Books is an artbook, instead of a reading, she will talk on “Inspiration: finding the muse through books, art and writing.” Here's a bit about the talk: Deborah has traveled to remote places around the world for her photography. Yet her artwork and writing gathers people to the most private and universal sanctuary – cozy moments spent with a good book.

“Books were a home for a wayward traveler, a place to rest and find kinship,” says Deborah. “When I no longer traveled as much, books were the stopover, the hovering experience somewhere between far away and home. They represented that ironic human tendency to want both the freedom to explore the unknown and to remain comfortably in the known.”

Beach Books is located at 37 N. Edgewood. This cozy bookstore features mostly new titles, some used.

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