In the Presence of Deb

A couple of scenes from Deborah DeWit Marchant at the book launch party hosted by Annie Bloom's Books in Multnomah Village:

That's Deb signing a copy of Deborah DeWit Marchant: In the Presence of Books above, and Deborah with Kim Stafford posing with one of Deb's paintings, "Words of Nature," which appears on plate 52 in the book.

Kim was there reading some of his introduction to the book before Deb discussed her art. Among my favorite lines that he did not read:
Marchant has given us the emblems of book, cat, flower, window, reader, and sky in order to convey the quiet interior treasure of her vision. In a world on fire, this is holy.
Yes, there are many troubles in this world, but Deborah's art is not a contributor to any of that.

You can, by the way, read Kim's fragments on books and reading at our web site.

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