Where have all the calendars gone?

UPDATE: The 2009 Calendar is available to preview and order here.

UPDATE: The calendar seems to have sold out at Amazon, and we have told Amazon we cannot ship orders to them for this calendar, but as of this update, their message is that the calendar is "temporarily" unavailable. Please be advised that Amazon will not be able to fill any more orders, unless they find some (unknown to us) source for the calendars.

It's a happy day here at William, James & Company. That is, it's a fine day if you can rejoice over the success of the 2008 edition of the Common Errors in English Usage desk calendar. For the first time in its three-year history, we have officially sold out our run.

But let's look at this news from the other side. Suppose you had been hoping to do something like, you know, actually BUY the calendar, maybe GIVE it as a GIFT in the coming holiday season. Maybe not such good news, in that case.

And yet hope springs eternal. If you are seeking this calendar, you have a few options available. Just because we cannot fill any more orders for this item does not mean that, for example, AMAZON cannot. In fact, at least for the time being, they can.

But suppose by the time you are reading this that Amazon shows the calendar as sold out? Barnes & Noble, in their infinite wisdom, has stocked its own private-label edition of this calendar in their stores. Perhaps you could try calling your local Barnes & Noble store to see if the calendar is still available there (You can use this ISBN to help the clerk search inventory: 978-0-7607-9347-3). You may likewise call your other favorite local bookstore and see if they can order the calendar through their distributor (in that case, try this ISBN: 978-59028-195-6).

Other possibilities exist for finding online vendors for the calendar, should Amazon fail you. You could Google the phrase 2008 common errors in english usage calendar and try clicking on some of the results.

We're happy the calendar has sold so well, of course, but we are not happy for any inconvenience this may have caused. But let's not dwell on that; let's just call it an opportunity for our customers to be resourceful. Isn't the prize more enjoyable, after all, when you've had to work for it?


Rachel said...

I find it highly amusing that there is a typographical error in the title of the calendar at bn.com. I couldn't find it searching for "errors" in Calendars, but when I searched by ISBN, there it was under "Common Erros in English Usage". Maybe someone has a highly-developed sense of irony. Or maybe not.

Tom said...

Rachel: Yeah, that's one of the big reasons I provided the ISBN for the B/N calendar; otherwise no one would ever find it.

I'd laugh more hardily at their erro if I hadn't made a few boneheaded ones myself along the way.

One day I'll put on the thickest skin I have, go back through the list, and put up a "mea culpa" post about some of my most egregious blunders. Highly amusing, each and every one.

ginab said...

March 3, on the calendar in PDF, reveals a spelling error, "But if you listen closely, you’ll hear instead a quite correct “In this ever-changing world in which
we’re livin’.”