Painting Cats by Deborah DeWit Marchant

National Cat Day, October 29, was the launch date for Deborah DeWit Marchant's Painting Cats, the book that includes Deb's writing about her approach to painting cats, and reproductions of many of her paintings of cats. Here's some of what went on that day:

Deb's first appearance was on KATU's AM Northwest, with her cat Indie. Click to view.

Then Deb spent the late morning in conversation at KINK FM. You can hear that on their "Wordstock Author Highlights" page.

Deb's evening was spent at Annie Bloom's Books, where lovers of cats and paintings gathered to listen to Deb read and discuss her work. Jim Leisy introduced:

And Deb signed:

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Anonymous said...

I heard that Deb is leaving her husband for the guy making the upcoming film. My condolences to her husband.