Someone is Wrong on the Internet AGAIN--and this time it's ERIC BOEHLERT!

Here's a great one: Glenn Greenwald talks to Erich Boehlert about Eric's new book, Bloggers on the Bus: How the Internet Changed Politics and the Press. Boehlert has, for about the million-zillionth time, his finger on the pulse, and I'm sure to be taking a look at this book. His Lapdogs: How the Press Rolled Over for Bush is about as close to a tearjerker as any extremely detailed account of press coverage can be.

But! Right there in the middle of the conversation, Boehlert claims that until a couple of weeks ago, the Washington Post had never written a feature on a liberal blogger. Now, I would normally trust Eric to have it right, but in this case I've got to say it: Eric, Eric, Eric . . . where were you in the summer of 2005? How did you miss our own Barbara O'Brien, the Mahablogist and author of our own Blogging America: Political Discourse in a Digital Nation, right there on the cover of the Washington Post Magazine of July 17, 2005, in a feature written by David von Drehle? By my count, that means the Post actually featured a liberal blogger about four years ago.

Oh well, I assume we can trust Glenn Greenwald, anyway, when he signs off saying, "Well, Eric, you've written obviously one of the first books, and I think one of the best books on what political blogs are and what they do." Except Eric's book comes out five years after Barbara's (and Dan Gillmor's, for that matter). Perhaps, though, Glenn's half right. I certainly wouldn't put it past Mr. Boehlert to write one of the best books on just about anything.

UPDATE: You can find the comic featured here, and lots and lots of other good ones, at XKCD.

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