Author appearance: Geoff Pullum at the University of Washington

Here is a rare opportunity to see the globe-trotting Geoff Pullum deliver a lecture in the Great Northwest. Next Tuesday, February 12 at 6:30. The title of the lecture,
The scandal of English grammar teaching: Ignorance of grammar, damage to writing skills, and what we can do about it
has prompted Geoff to post a clarification at Language Log:
[ . . . ] although the summary published on the registration page is entirely accurate, I would still conjecture that as many as half the people planning to attend will think that the scandal is people who write bad. They will assume that I will be dinging ordinary folks for writing (and speaking) ungrammatically. Little will they know what lies in store: that my target is the grammarians. It is the rule-givers and knuckle-rappers and nitpickers that I will be castigating for their ignorance of the content of the principles of English syntax.
But those of us who know Geoff already knew that.

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