Now iAvailable: Common Errors in English Usage Third Edition on iTunes

UPDATE: This iBooks edition is available for your Macintosh computer or your iPad only; as of now the iPhone will not allow you to view this book on your phone.

Everybody sing along! There's a new item available on iTunes (click to enlarge):

And though I'm told we are selling less than Beyoncé and it is less danceable than Pitbull, we still like it a lot.

I will own up to a poor history in creating the e-book version of the second edition. Our initial attempt to create the Kindle edition was met with one of the harshest criticisms I've seen on Amazon, the title of which was "Avoid Kindle version." This review prompted a complete overhaul of the e-book version, maximizing the capability to contain links and other navigational tools. Amazon, I am told, made the updated version available to all Kindle customers of the book.

We got it right the first time, I think, for the third edition. I have it on my own Kindle, and it does work pretty well. I'm not won over completely by the way the book works there, but I believe it takes advantage of the platform.

I will say, however, that our own Jaron Ayres has done the book right—very right—for the book you can now add to your iPad library. This involved many workarounds to get the iBooks Author software to accommodate the many images and links in the book, and in fact Apple technicians also had to work a little magic to get this off the ground.

The results can be seen by opening your iTunes store and searching on "Common Errors in English." You can sample the book before you buy, much like you can stream the latest Katy Perry offering before you add it to your personal library. I can verify that the similarity ends there.

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