Ron Paul Fervor Causes Memory Loss

Yes, I was on Action Point with Cynthia Black last Sunday. Thanks for asking. I was talking about the Internet response to Ron Paul's candidacy and Paul's reading list for Rudy Giuliani (one of the greatest publicity stunts in presidential primary memory).

I said that the antiwar position is up for grabs, and given the public perception of last week's performance by the Democrats in Congress, Thom Hartmann may be right--the Republican Party could seize an opportunity here to co-opt an antiwar message. Of course, I wouldn’t expect the front-runners of the party to be as intelligent as Paul on this issue, but take this in for what it’s worth: a clear majority of Americans see Iraq as a failure, but neither party is perceived as successfully addressing the problem.

Good for me, then. I made a point. But in my fervor over the Paul/Giuliani fracas, I forgot to mention the best Internet resource I know of for learning about Rudy’s reading list: Antiwar Radio interviews conducted by Scott Horton. Everyone should download and listen to Scott’s recent interviews with Chalmers Johnson, author of Blowback; Michael Scheuer, author of Hubris; and Robert A. Pape, author of Dying to Win.

For good measure, Horton also brought up the reading list with Ray McGovern last week. (Cue up now for the WmJasCo tie-in: catch Ray McGovern with Judy Daubenmier at VoxPop this Saturday, if you’re anywhere near Brooklyn).

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