Is there a 2011 Common Errors in English Usage Calendar?

FORGET ABOUT THE "LATEST UPDATE." THIS IS THE REAL LATEST UPDATE: The e-calendar has its own Web site for 2012 and a new way to subscribe or renew your subscription. Read all about it here.
LATEST UPDATE: The e-calendar will continue in 2012. To subscribe, send me an email: tsumner@fbeedle.com.
UPDATE: The e-calendar daily mailings are now available. To subscribe to the list send me a request: tsumner@fbeedle.com.

I've titled this post after a question that comes in just about daily around here, as many are scrambling to find the 2011 calendar on the William, James website or at Amazon, or through their local Barnes & Noble or other bookstore. The disappointing answer is No, there is not a 2011 edition of the calendar.

However, there is some work underway toward developing an e-calendar to be delivered to your e-mail inbox each day. The cartoons? They'll be there when applicable. The accompanying literary quotes? Yes, sometimes.

Changing times in the calendar
business have forced our hand
Assuming this comes together, it will be just like the calendar many of you have seemingly enjoyed for the past several years, except you won't have to deal with the plastic easel on January 1, 2012. Plus it'll be completely free. 

If you are interested in signing on for a daily dose of Paul Brians' interesting and witty entries on English language usage, drop me a line: tsumner@fbeedle.com with the subject line "2011 e-calendar," or something like that. Your address will be used only for delivering the daily entries.

I've had more fun than I should have had putting together the calendar for the past five years, but changing times in the calendar business have forced our hand in discontinuing this item. That does not mean, however, that it will not be revived. To find out about that, you'll have to check this space next year for a post titled, "Is there a 2012 Common Errors in English Usage Calendar?"


Suhel said...

your site is great man. cheers.

Raj said...

The site is humorous and informative.. a hard combo to pull off.