Word Salad, Part Two

James Evans, a fan of my site, sent me this today:
The lunch menu in the cafeteria at work is advertising “Mescaline Salad” today. I think a “mesclun vs. mescaline” entry may be warranted. A quick search of Google indicates that our cafeteria is not the only one making that mistake.

Here are some examples that pop up:
A recipe: Strawberry - Mango Mescaline Salad 
A salad label 
A photo: Mescaline salad field 
Here's a cartoon on this subject: Mesclun or Mescaline Salad

Mesclun is a French word literally meaning “mixture,” used to describe a mixture of various greens. The term is popular on pretentious menus, where it may designate a mixture of any number of different greens. Since it has no precise definition, I prefer the simple English “mixed greens.”

This mix-up isn’t common enough to qualify for my Web site, but I liked it so much I thought it was worth a blog post.

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amanasyanti said...

That cannot beat Caeser's salad being called 'Scissors salad' at the cafeteria of the Parliament in Kuala Lumpur.